Holy Sepulchre Conclave

Fraternal Greetings and welcome to our Home Page.

Meetings are held the second Friday of May and December in the Huntsville Masonic Center with the meetings beginning at 1:00 PM. Special Celled Meetings are generally on the second Friday of March and/or September, as needed.

William J. “Doug” Burfitt, Jr.
Puissant Sovereign

C. Sterling Hughes, PS
Intendant General

Recorder: R. Kim Harrison, P.S.
8435 Hogan Drive,
Huntsville, AL 35802-3453

Puissant SovereignWilliam “Doug” Burfitt, Jr.
Eminent ViceroyLawrence Fouse
Senior GeneralC. Jared Cassidy
Junior GeneralLee Gibson
TreasurerPaul Lamont, PS
RecorderR. Kim Harrison, P.S.
Prelate*Johnny W. Strickland
Orator*Jason A. Crowe
Prefect*William J. Burfitt, Sr., PPS
Standard Bearer*Raymond C. Dunn, PPS
Herald*George L. Marshall Jr., PPS
Sentinel*Phillip J. Sherman, PPS
TrusteesPhillip J. Sherman, PPS
George L. Marshall Jr., PPS
William J. Burfitt, PPS
*= Appointed Position