Holy Sepulchre Conclave

Meetings are held in the Huntsville Masonic Center with the meetings beginning at 7:00 PM, on the following dates:
2nd Friday in March, Jun (Special if Needed), Sep (Special if Needed) and Dec (Annual).

William J. “Doug” Burfitt, Jr.
Puissant Sovereign

C. Sterling Hughes, PS
Intendant General

Recorder: R. Kim Harrison, P.S.
8435 Hogan Drive,
Huntsville, AL 35802-3453

Puissant SovereignWilliam “Doug” Burfitt, Jr.
Eminent ViceroyLawrence Fouse
Senior GeneralC. Jared Cassidy
Junior GeneralLee Gibson
TreasurerPaul Lamont, PS
RecorderR. Kim Harrison, P.S.
Prelate*Johnny W. Strickland
Orator*Jason A. Crowe
Prefect*William J. Burfitt, Sr., PPS
Standard Bearer*Raymond C. Dunn, PPS
Herald*George L. Marshall Jr., PPS
Sentinel*Phillip J. Sherman, PPS
TrusteesPhillip J. Sherman, PPS
George L. Marshall Jr., PPS
William J. Burfitt, PPS
*= Appointed Position