Saint Dunstan Conlave

Saint Dunstan Conclave’s annual communication is held in December at the Birmingham Metro York Rite Building and our Annual Ladies Banquet is typically held in August.

Scott Wadsworth
Puissant Sovereign

C. Sterling Hughes, PS
Intendant General

Recorder: Wayne Sparks, PS
1300 5th PL NW
Centerpoint, AL 35215-5910

Puissant SovereignWilliam Carter
Eminent ViceroyTommy Fields, Sr.
Senior GeneralNick Barnes
Junior GeneralMichael Hallman
TreasurerFrank Little, PGM
RecorderWayne Sparks
PrelateJoel Bryant
PrefectRay Adams
Standard BearerShannon White
HeraldGreg Sumrall
SentinelJ. Michael Taylor